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Amy Turkish Bath Towel


The new and improved Amy bath towel has deeper colors and softer fabric! It features two types of vertical stripes on an off-white base. One thick and speckled black line slides down each outer side, and many thin, single-thread terracotta lines flow through the center. This all leads into delicately knotted tassels on the ends. A light sheen due to bamboo fibers adds more of a fancy touch. This new material is even silkier and more absorbent than before!


  • Made of 50% bamboo and 50% Turkish cotton. It will not irritate sensitive skin and feels nothing short of royalty!
  • This towel absorbs water at a record pace and dries just as fast! Get rid of odorous and possibly moldy terry towels.
  • Easy to clean. Make laundry day easier! This towel, due to tight weaves, does not hold onto smells or dirt. It even gets softer and more absorbent each wash.

Bath Towel 35”X 66” (90x170cm)

50% Turkish Cotton, 50% Bamboo

Made in Turkey